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Political circus sickening

February 21, 2018
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The events that took the lives of too many children and adults in Florida in the Parkland school system served to highlight the desperate need for politicians to stop talking and start doing. And to suggest that the answer, or the blame belongs at the door-step of those who "saw something" but didnt "say something" is another sad example of finger pointing and political babbling.

Sure, it would be helpful if citizens immediately reported what they viewed as suspicious activity. However, elected officials are 100 percent responsible for their inability to provide the safety to citizens that they have sworn to furnish.

Of course it's a difficult problem and that's exactly why we have police chiefs, sheriffs, the FBI, and elected officials.

The job is to protect innocent citizens and stop grand-standing when there is a tragedy by wasting our time by either expressing condolences in front of the cameras, or providing information, only interesting to curiosity seekers.

We want to know, EXACTLY, what immediate steps are being taken to avoid another disaster. The condolences should be a personal matter, offered off camera, directly to the family and not utilized for political purposes.

And the gang of individuals standing behind the speakers - this only adds to the "circus." Why are they there? What's the reason for people standing behind officials who are explaining nothing meaningful during their presentation? It's simply another example of too much talking and not enough doing.

Are we really serious about protecting students and teachers? If so then, every teacher should receive gun instruction and have a weapon at their disposal to be used when some nut threatens to attack defenseless students. It's called being proactive and it serves to take the place of meaningless and irresponsible talking.

Those elected officials that believe that chatter is more important then action should be removed from office without delay.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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