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Plea to Sen. Rubio: Make America safe again

March 14, 2018
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Marco Rubio's school safety program is woefully short of anything that will be helpful. The real threat to our nation is not just in our schools. It is at our concerts, in restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters, churches, shopping centers, must I go on?

Reality is that high velocity weapons such as the AR 15 are weapons of war and no civilian should ever own one and frankly the Second Amendment does not allow for this ownership.

No one is trying to take guns away from people in the United States, we are just trying to have some common sense gun laws so that people who are violent, angry people, people with mental illness, people on the terrorist watch list, people who abuse animals, should not have access to guns.

There is no reason for anyone who isn't in the military to have a semi automatic assault weapon in his or her possession, ever. These high velocity rifles destroy human organs to the point that the people cannot be saved.

Let people have guns if they're not one of the people listed above. Let them have rifles if they're not one of the people listed above. But not semi automatic weapons and not high velocity weapons. These are killing machines, weapons of war.

I beg you, Senator Rubio, please author your own bill to make Americans safe again.

Sallie Troutman

Cape Coral



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