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Leave the ducks alone

March 21, 2018
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Lehigh Acres Post office has once again experienced thievery. For some odd reason, a female Miskovy duck decided to nest and lay eggs in the garden by the bicycle rack at the entrance to the post office. She laid 14 eggs. I was hoping that people would enjoy seeing them, but leave them alone. Well, 14 eggs went down to 12, which I am certain other animals got to. But, as it got closer to the time for the eggs to hatch, and overnight, it went from 12 eggs to five! I am pretty sure this had nothing to do with animal predators, as, like last time, there was evidence. i.e. the shell.

Last Thursday, March 15, two chicks were hatched, leaving three more to still hatch. All was good. Friday morning, I checked on them, there were still two chicks and three eggs. By noon on Friday, both the mother and two chicks were gone! I thought maybe she took them for a walk, so wasn't too worried.. Friday, still no sign of chicks or mother, but three eggs still in the nest..Saturday, same thing. No ducks, no chicks, but still three unattended eggs.

Now it is Monday, and there is no sign of chicks or mother, with three eggs still in nest!

I have been watching these ducks from the very beginning, and know that she would not leave eggs unattended.

What I'm getting at is why, oh, why can't people just leave wildlife alone?!?! I am pretty sure that someone not only took the ducks and her chicks, but took the seven eggs the prior week.

The post office is federal property, and stealing from it is a federal offense!

I just don't understand why people feel the need to interrupt the wildlife that exist here, but then will dump kittens on postal property that are NOT part of the wildlife here!

Annette Vivona

Fort Myers



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