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Bigger battles to fight

March 28, 2018
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

We have been fighting the War on Terror for some 17 years. President Bush declared that in 2001. Fact is, Ronald Reagan use the same excuse when he was looting and massacring the people of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua etc.). Of course we were building democracies. We fought a (wrong)war in a Iraq and have been fighting in Afghanistan now for 17 years. By the way, there are some signs that we might finally want to talk with Taliban (Citizens of Afghanistan).

Daily we lose 100 Americans a day to gun violence. We have finally declared opioid addiction as an epidemic (We lose hundreds of lives daily to that). Things like the absence of health care, poverty and other preventable accidents (deaths) are also very costly(many lives are lost).

We do not know how many military personnel are being lost daily fighting wars around the world (we don't get that information). Of course, our president had some choice words for small defenseless countries in Africa.

A frequently asked question is should people on the FBI's terror watch list be allowed to purchase guns. The obvious answer is no. But we are not being shot up by foreign terrorists (home grown terrorists, yes).

Another frequently asked question is should everything be done to pass gun safety laws. Yes, is the obvious answer. But that's not being done. Do we have too many guns? Yes is the obvious answer. We need to get rid of guns.

It seems to me that we are fighting wars but not the wars that are killing us. Some of the wars we are fighting are creating wars. So we need to get busy electing a government that's going to do what is right for America and the world. Get involved, organize, and increase participation - there is no excuse.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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