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Blame the politicians

October 9, 2019
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

More comments on capitalism vs. socialism. My comments of last week were general comments. Capitalist have taken advantage of the system in many ways and as a result caused suffering and loss to the consumer and the taxpayer. However, that is accomplished through lobbying of both parties.

The pharmaceutical industry is an excellent example. They are selling toxic drugs, hard addictive drugs called opioids, charging 10 times more for insulin than Canada, and convincing doctors that a toxic drug is the safe and the quick way to solve almost everything.

This is all being done legally because politicians of both parties have allowed it. Note the lives of 47,000 people last year who died due to opioids. There are possibly more laws to protect the pharmaceutical companies than the consumer in regard to drugs.

Capitalism is meant to operate within the laws of the country and the laws of the country are dependent upon our elected representatives of both parties. If a capitalistic company is doing damage to our society, look to the politicians who allow it.

However with socialism, there are no laws to control the bureaucrats who manage and manipulate the system nor is there incentive for government to put America and freedom first. Socialism removes motivation to achieve, create, and prosper.

A good example is corruption in Medicare. Most references cite Medicare fraud at 20%, $200 billion. That is only one example of socialistic corruption. No capitalistic company would allow that to happen.

In the extreme example of socialism look to Venezuela which has great shortages in food, medical care and jobs. Those in power, however, are leading the good life.

John A Benedict

Cape Coral



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