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Impeachment requires a crime

December 25, 2019
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Impeachment requires a crime. The Dems could not find a crime that Trump has committed so they struggled to come up with a reason to impeach him. They tried collusion (that went away), obstruction (went away), a telephone call that was not quid pro quo (that went away. too), bribery (not that either). They settled on something very nebulous -- abuse of power (all presidents go around Congress and do not give them everything they want except it isn't a crime) and obstruction of Congress (Trump won't let his staff be used as witnesses in the Dems' Kangaroo court and won't respond to subpoenas to satisfy Schiff's curiosity).

With a secret whistleblower that lives in the swamp, a Democrat-purchased dossier, and one of many made-up stories by Schiff there just wasn't a crime uncovered so maybe they would get lucky with a subpoena. I can't imagine anyone jumping on those items, except fake news.

The Dems really brought in the heavy artillery, key witnesses and constitutional "scholars," all of whom are committed Democrats and have been very active personally in supporting Democrats. This proves that a lawyer can argue any case whichever direction the wind is blowing.

Once they voted to impeach, every Democrat used the same talking point: "This was a very solemn moment but it had to be done to save the country". Now that takes some very well-practiced acting lessons.

While Trump is making America great again, the Democrats are focused on how they can get him out of office because he is ruining the swamp. I personally don't think keeping the swamp helps the American people, only political power brokers.

John A Benedict

Cape Coral



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