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Concentrate on COVID-19 research

May 6, 2020
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

COVID-19 has produced mass hysteria based on statements and, it appears, unfounded opinions because there is no clear scientific data in support of this new virus's spread. The WHO, CDC and other numerous health organizations are in the dark and changing their opinions often. It is understandable as we have never encountered this type of coronavirus before, therefore, cannot rely on many "previous methods" of containment.

Old methods of "contact tracing" can work in some instances yet there is no proven data on how this virus spreads. Does touching, sneezing, breathing cause contagion to spread? Most likely, yet we do not know how long the virus lasts on packaging, groceries, surfaces and in the air. Who has touched the groceries, medicines and anything you may buy, before you had contact, or if it matters. No scientific research has been proven to be fact, as of this time.

It must be asked how effective contact tracing can be at this time, or if these questions will ever be answered. You may go to Walmart, groceries stores or pharmacies and can not possibly identify those before you, during or after your visit. How much of taxpayers' money will be spent on this current useless program according to present data? Obviously, all data will be stored by some government agency. Do you want the government to know all of your friends, relatives and contacts that you may be obligated to disclose? Is privacy not a right?

The government has also stressed antibody testing to see who has been exposed and to what degree. Spending vast amounts of money on this testing is useless unless we know the amount of antibody each individual person needs to fight off this dangerous virus. There is no established rate known that guarantees virus survival. A person that is older or immune compromised may test at a rate of 30% yet need a 100% for a survival rate.

Unnecessary government spending is not what this great country needs, but more research.

Sandra E. Cunningham

St. James City



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