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REPUBLICANS AGAINST STIMULUS PACKAGE Why did all the Republican members of the House of Reps. all vote AGAINST the stimulus package? Our own Congressman Connie Mack voted with the other Republicans. If he ever came to Lehigh Acres, he would know how much help we need and how many people here are hurting becasue they have lost their homes and their jobs. I hope we as Lehigh people get the message to Connie Mack that we don't want him to represent us any more, not in the House and NEVER in the U.S, Senate as I have heard he has interests in. Lehigh needs help from the governmnent and rich old boy Connie Mack doens't know what it is like to not have money to pay an electric bill. I say throw the rascal out and find a good Democrat with compassion or a good Republican who is NOT afraid to leave the pack and vote what is right. Shame on Connie Mack! He is bad for Florida and especially for Lehigh, Fort Myers and Cape Coral where people need help.


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