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Is Neal Horrom doing the same thing as Desmond Barrett did last year because he is running for reelection? Cmsr. Horrom got very perturbed when Cmsr. Welch broke the agreement ASSUMED BY THEM of going along with the boys and breaking his asword like Barrett did and vote to increase taxes. They cut 5% and raised 17% duuhhh!!!! Now lets look at cmsr. Nate Stout although he says they spent years to bring the cost down, they have increased taxes 47% over the last few years, that is not getting “more bang for the buck “ as he says. The doubling of the debts we owe from $231,000 to $432,000 (to be paid each year) this year proves the wild unrestrained spending still is going on, and that is deducted out of a $5,000,000 income. The newly crowned king of the tax raisers, Cmsr. John Boardman’s off the wall pronouncement to increase the taxes this year high enough so they will not have to raise them for seven years. Do we really have to dignify that stupid statement with an answer??


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