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We cannot take Boardman to seriously, remember he is the fire cmsr. That wanted to put collection agencies upon the poor who could not pay that obscene ambulance transport bill. This year the board prohibited the budget committee from considering the payroll of the personal, which makes up over 80% of the budget. HMMMM!!!!. When the union asked how many of the staff gave up a raise, the number was three, and that number was not given until asked, we were lead to believe it was the whole staff reduced pay. And they gave up a bonus which they did not even know they would get. We are wondering when the meetings with the union come to the conclusion that their will be no pay deductions and no layoffs at this time quoted by mgr. Lindsay. The union voted not to give up the 4% contracted pay raise(so they could save all their jobs) and challenged the board to terminate them. Of course the commissioners know that layoffs occurred in fl state, Lee Cty, Cape Coral, Ft Myers and Bea


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