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and Ft Myers Beach, Bonita, Three fire depts. so far. And what does ECWCD do? Raise our taxes17% and. $2.54 of the new tax increase is to build a reserve fund for next year , We thought reserves were supposed to come from savings—is this tax increased on us another mgr Lindsay(the spin doctor) scam on the tax payer??? The first shot in a taxpayer uprising was started by citizens holding up homemade signs saying Nate Stout raises taxes (why would Nate raise taxes on his customers unless he is daring them to get their taxes done free at the library)—if it catches on it will build up a good size “throw the bums out “ starting in the 2010 election. Neal and Desmond are church leaders who are raising taxes on their flocks, do you think instead of putting a donation in the collection plate , they will pay the tax increase instead??? Remember the nine million dollar ECWCD building (even if they rent fire station on sunshine blvd) and the purchase of the one hundred million dollar sewer


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