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Why do we care what you think?

Roaring Lion. Someone told me you have a PAC named CAIT and claim hundreds of members. Very interesting, I have lived here now for four years with my aunt, who is in her 80s and she knows nobody nor have I met anybody who belongs to your group. I bet your group consists of you, you and you. CAIT means nothing. And again, I can't wait for incorporation of Lehigh. You're an old man, I am told. Incorporation will come whether you like it or not. There are things going on you have no knowledge of. Again, get a life! Apparently you have no life (what a pity) and all you do is sit home and play with your keyboard. I'd suggest you get out of your house and do something positive. What a shame to be like you are - everything around you is just doom, doom, and gloom. You represent no one buy yourself and I would not brag about that. Get a life, sir.


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