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Enough is enough

Roaring Lion, you're beating a dead horse to death. Everyone has seen that film made more than 20 years ago. We are tired of your continuous anti-abortion rhetoric. I suspect The Citizen has allowed your comments to have continued because of their feelings that everyone has a right to an opinion, as long as it is not libelous or in poor taste. But I bet you they will remove you like they did Mr. Barrett if you keep it up. Your constant posting on the subject has becoming boring for most of us. You made your point. REPEAT - You have made your point, so how about some opinions on other subjects going on in our area. Your negative postings are making most people to just simply ignore them when they see your name. As least, Mr. Barrett has stopped his slander since The Citizen removed his postings. Everyone knows he is on here with another silly name, but I have been told the site is being monitored by The Citizen, so be careful or you may go poof, too.


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