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Should Lehigh hand over its ambulances?

How about some comments on here about whether the LFD should hand over ambulance service to Lee County so the chief can assign more people on fire engines. The ambulance response time will be about the same as it is now because the county EMS says it will put ambulances in Lehigh stations. I think the chief is correct when he says more fighfighters should be put on engines. People like Commissioner Hemingway don't want to lose the million dollar income the ambulance service provides each year. However, what is more important, the lives of our firefighters or losing the million dollars in income from ambulance service? I go with the chief. I wonder how others on here feel? Also, I was at the meeting on Thursday night and I do not remember Commissioner Guzman telling RJA to shut up, which someone else on these boards has posted. It is right that Anderson left the meeting because he could not ask his question when he wanted to at a public meeting with rules.


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