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Here may be a reason

A couple have asked why The Citizen allows some clucks to post some messages on here, especially about abortion. I would imagine it is because everyone has an opinion, as long as the person doesn't accuse others of this vile practice. We should be glad we have freedom of speech, but as I was told by the editor, that freedom is limited. You cannot libel someone or use profanity here. I think the abortion posts should stop. There is certainly more to talk about than that. I am also sure The Citizen knows that certain people are using two names and that some who have been kicked are back on, but I bet they are being monitored, like they do now in the News-Press. We know we can be banned from here and some have been, as I have kept up with what is being said. Anyway, it is stupid to make stupid libelous comments on here because The Citizen could remove the message boards. LAL took down their board because of some of the same stupid stuff.


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