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COPIED FROM A FORUM ENTRY BY TRW44459---In reading the piece posted "baby killer running for office" I decided to investigate further and the results do show that when Sharon Merchant was a legislator she voted against the "Partial-Birth Abortion Act" bill SB 160 year 2000 session, which imposes a second degree felony to intentionally kill a living fetus. She also voted against the "Parental Notice of Abrtion Act" which prohibits termination of pregnancy of a minor without the parents being notified. H4761 1998 session. (look them up for full text of the bill ). I did not bother to persue the claim of a local politican regarding the reason for their endorsement of Sharon Merchant ,since it has been withdrawn and if you are interested in their morals, you can ask them yourself. As the old adage says "The driver of the getaway car is just as responsible as the robber who committs the robbery" So likened to the supporter of abortion to the aborti


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