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NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC OF LEHIGH ACRES---It appears that the chamber has started an economic developement committee, the bad news is that it is lead by MR. EDD WEINER, the biggest tax and spender Lehigh has ever had--WE THINK BEFORE THIS GROUP GETS UNDERWAY THE CHAMBER SHOULD PLEDGE THAT THE FIRST QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IN ANY FUTURE PRESESENTATION SHOULD BE HOW MUCH THE PROJECTS ARE GOING TO COST AND WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT?---the proven record of Lehigh acres has been they do not want increases or new taxes levied upon them,There even is an organized group to prevent this tax increase projects , it was sucessful in defeating the move by the chamber to incorporate Lehigh Acres, it is called CITIZENS AGAINST INCREASED TAXES, (CAIT)And has a well organized system of delivering 6,000 votes in local elections.


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