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BO QUITS SINKING SHIP. When bo turbeville conspired with john albion,john miller and charlie defelice to oust (illegaly) frank larosa from the lacpc chair after albion and jim mudd pledged to help larosa turn the lacpc around , they stabbed larosa in the back and after mudd (a nonvoting member of lacpc) was caught stealing and fired from lee county and CAIT organized a vote against albion after he publically threatened the CAIT the chairman. Commissioner albion lost due to the difference in votes CAIT delivered. after lacpc chair BO failed to deliver committee reports the lee commissioners took away the statue authority ( cty code 13) and relegated the lacpc to "status quo") which translated to the same as all other groups and people, the lee zoning and planning boards dropped lacpc from there infomation forums and now lacpc has nothing to do except get newspaper publicity for its latest publicity hound EDD WEINER---THEY HAVE TURNED INTO THE BIGGEST JOKE IN LEHIGH---YUCK


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