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1. Edd Weiner wants an Estero type review board--then he should get experts and pro's like estero --it ain't gonna happen Edd. 2. amendment 4 will give power back to the people and stop control freaks like weiner from spending us into the poor house. 3. since LACPC nonvoting member county planner Jim Mudd was fired for stealing from the county, the county does not want anything to do with the LACPC, they do not even send contractors to make presentations to LACPC. 4. CAIT HAS BEEN TELLING ALL THAT A "HOOT" TYPE SEWER WASTE SYSEM SHOULD BE REQUIRED , ITS ABOUT TIME THAT BO REALIZED AND SUPPORTS IT, HOWEVER THE CULPRIT IS COMM. JUDAH WHO WANTS US TO PAY $18,000 EACH TO HAVE SEWER LINES INSTALLED--TIME TO TRY SINGLE MEMBER COMMISSIONER DISTRICTS PS. DAMON SAYS HIRE WAYNE DALTRY AS AN ADVISOR?????---THE LACPC HAS $1,660 in its bank account , and that is left over from the $5,000 that Eugene Borosh donated to help them get started--they do not pay rent as the meeting room is free


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