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According to the ECWCD comptroller the outstanding debt estimateby Sept. 30 2010 will be $12,912,423.00 add to that figure of $7 million building fund gives us a total of $20 million debt load for the taxpayers of lehigh to shoulder.With the combined loss of the fire dept. going bankrupt next year and the ECWCD adding this obscene amount of debt on us , the first step would be to vote the current commissioners out on both entities and get a fresh look at the mess the current elected officials have gotten us into---we are interested to see what bond rating they come up with since the four banks had not approved loans last year do to being a poor risk. The ECWCD only collects $5 million in taxes and due to the poor financial condition of Lehigh Taxpayers it appears both boards have no interest in findind out the ability to pay a raise in taxes. MORE TO COME ON THIS SUBJECT


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