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IS ECWCD POTTING US IN DEEP DEBT AGAIN? Over time the interest paid on bonded debt can easily become 30 or 40 percent of the proceeds. The money saved by not paying interest could fund the construction of many additional culverts. At a steady rate of assessment in a 10 or 20-year period which would have to be paid for bonded debt the actual cost to the taxpayer would be much lower. In reality by paying interest we are taxing ourselves to enrich the bankers, bond attorneys, and tax free bondholders who pay no taxes. Commissioner Mike Welch's recommendation that the bond issue be put to a referendum of the people is the essence of democracy. Let us have a full public discussion and debate. Why do you think that your fellow citizens are losing faith and trust in their government? Maybe it is time for the people to rise up in revolt and vote every incumbent out of office in the next general election. Kevin Shea, a resident of Lehigh, is chairman of LowerTaxesNow4Lee.


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