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every penny it spends. East County Water Control District is now looking at further indebting the people of Lehigh Acres with a $7.5 million bond issue, payable over 30 years, that will ultimately cost over $15 million. Many feel that this burden on the taxpayers is premature and reckless at this time. District management and some commissioners of the District are supporting a multi-million dollar works project along with the purchase of a $1 million headquarters. Why now? Why capital improvements when thousands of taxpayers in Lehigh are loosing their homes? Now, in the midst of the worst recession since the 1930’s the authorities of the district want to place a huge burden on the taxpayers. The Doomsday scenarios from the District are unconvincing. In addition it is interesting that while so many levels of government in Florida were cutting budgets and making sacrifices, the East County Water Control District actually raised taxes by 17% for this current fisca


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