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Re: community news: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: community news : What are your solutions for the problem? Posted by harshrealities[/QUOTE] DEAR DESMOND, ( aka harsh realities) First the 4 cmsrs. should resign because they got us into this mess, for example Stout should not vote on the building because the seller is one of his customers second. Barrett just lost his home due to extremely bad money management and is not qualified to vote on spending millions on our tax dollars. Boardman wants to raise taxes to cover seven years in this year ,fuzzy headed thinking, and all Horrom wants to do is buy orange groves with our money and not use the land for seven years ,no wonder his buisness is down the toilet. AS FOR MY SOLUTION, SINCE THE BOARD AND THE THREE MANAGERS AND THE COMPTROLER AND THR CPA STOUT HAVE NOT TOLD US THAT THE FOUR YEAR PLAN WILL COST LEHIGH 38 MILLION DOLLARS AND IN EIGHT MORE YEARS ,100 MILLION .This is more that lehigh can afford and the state agencies such as Sout


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