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East County Water Control District spin machine is at it again by fooling the public. Remember when they officially said that the most important building needed was the replacement of the maintaince building because they lost the old one due to storm damage. SO WHAT HAPPENED ? All we now hear is they need to buy an office building from one of cmsr. Stouts clients (mr Pfuner --I & E) To house the eight or so staff members. SO DOES THAT MEAN THAT THE EQUIPMENT WILL BE IN DISREPAIR LONGER UNTIL THEY CAN BUILD "THE SO CALLED IMPORTANT MAINTAINCE BUILDING" ? THEY ARE PUTTING $25,000 OF OUR TAX MONEY IN ESCROW TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT TO BUY A BUILDING WITH MONEY THAT THEY STILL DO NOT HAVE. And the beat(LIES) GOES ON AND ON AND ON-- VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE IN NOVEMBER , WE CAN'T AFFORD THEM ANY MORE.


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