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How can we even consider a tax increase, when you want to give the money to the procrastinative / incompetant four commissioners who got us into this mess in the first place. It was these three commissioners Stout, Barrett,and Horrom who got lazy and changed the weekly meetings into one a month and handed over control of the ecwcd to manager Lindsay and that resulted in the mess we are in today ---nothing can be done until these people are out of a job or out of office or at the very least in the minority voting on the board. The raising of taxes is an long time bureaucrats who show their incompetancy because they can not fix their problems. You can't ask a commissioner who is in the voting minority at this time for a solution because it will fall on deaf ears. This all out push by the local ecwcd camp followers to increase taxes will surely get the commissioners and managers out of office and change the majority on the board, short memories that they have show that damon shelor was v


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