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DarnellJordan 07-21-10 7:09 AM ┬╗Report Comment Abuse Hmmm. . . according to Sharon Harrington ALL candidates received an invitation. Maybe what she meant to say was ALL qualified candidates got an invitation. I did not organize this event or have anything whatsoever to do with which candidates got invited to attend. I'm sure if you contact Connie she can tell you who they invited. I personally had no idea who would be there until we got there and the candidates began to arrive. Our office never has, nor ever will conduct candidate forums. But we do attend many of them, again because we are invited and it gives us an opportunity to bring our services out into the community. It's part of our job! I don't know who Darnell Jordan was talking to but it wasn't me. At no time did I ever make the statement that "all candidates received invitations". I just wouldn't have because I had no idea who they asked and because I wasn't responsible for making those decisions. S


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