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Dewey tyler made the announcement that, "My friends Mike Armstrong and Desmond is offering free boxing, mix Martial Arts and Kempo Karate for kids @ risk specially single parents.PS. the church will continue to hand out free veggie from the farmers in Nov. " As usual Dewey is helping the community as he has been doing this real charitable work for years now. THEN THE BIGGEST ,LARGEST, PHONYIST EGO IN TOWN ASSUMES THAT HE IS THE ONLY ONE IN TOWN WITH THE FIRST NAME OF DESMOND. So he berates dewey for implying that his name is being used---he is no friend of deweys, he does not do the charitable work tha dewey does, The real desmond that helps people is a corrections officer and is a friend of deweys. Desmond (with the big ego) says he will not support Dewey --HEY FOLKS THATS A PLUS. THANKS FOR YOUR WORK HELPING YOUR FELLOW MAN DEWEY YOU ARE OUR HERO---


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