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The sign says "YASIR for FIRE BOARD " Does Mr. " MOHAMED " Yasir insult the fairness and intellect and intellegence of the voters of Lehigh to hide his name. Does he really think that the 911 event and him running for fire board distort his thinking as to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters, even on your robo-call, a lady talks about you and you only speak two short sentenences.SHAME ON YOU . What kind of commissioner would you make when your thought process is to decieve people , Aren't you confident in your own service record not to hide your arab name from the public, in a nation started by immigrants ,you insult all of us , I smell a couple of rats behind the scenes advising you with the initals of R.A.,rickey and blobby, are we right? I honestly will not vote for another con man.


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