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The recent history of Lehigh Acres shows that under no circumstances will they vote to increase taxes upon themselves, remember the penny sales tax increase ,voted NO. Remember Incorporation? They voted NO. The mess at the fire dept. is due to union control and gross mismanagement--HEY CHIEF WHY IS THERE NO PLAN "B" WHEN THE ASSWSSMENT FEE FAILS ? Chief Adams said that the dept. will fail without more money" NOT TRUE, THE STATE WILL TAKE IT OVER JUST LIKE IT DID IN MIAMI AND JACKSONVILLE, AND THEY WILL ABOLISH THE UNION CONTRACT AND THOSE $100,000 PAY AND BENIFITS.MAYBE THAT IS BEST FOR THE PEOPLE OF LEHIGH AFTER ALL. Did you know that 82% of the tax income is spent on the firefighters pay & benifits WOW!!!! NO WONDER THEY ARE IN DEBT. FIRE THE CHIEF AND START OVER.


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