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If and that is a very big if, you went with a volunteer fire dept., what is the plan you have in place for financial support of the dept. until the year or so goes by that it would take to hire and train them? I am sure you have one so lets hear it. Well if they could pay to train their $100,000 PR man .patrick comer in fire school and emt school so patrick could get in the risk classification for a larger prnsion, what do they call that? oh I know F-R-A-U-D--they are all crooks --armageddion is coming soon. CUT SALERIES AND BENIFITS, GHANGE WORK SCHEDUALS ,NO OVERTIME OR UNENTITLED DAYS OFF INCLUDE IN FIRE CREWS WITH VOLUNTEERS, WHAT COULD THE ATTY POSSIBLY DO THAT WARRANTS A $80,000 PAYCHECK?,CHANGE THE RESP,ONSE AND OPERATING TECHINICAL INFRUSTRUCTURE THAT PRODUCES MORE RESULTS THAN IS NOW BEING DONE AND LAST OF ALL STOP--TAKING--DONATIONS--FROM --THE-- UNION--TO-- CAMPAIGN--ON, HOW IS THAT FOR OPENERS??????????


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