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The Lee county ordinance 32-12-2 was read to the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Panel last night by member LaRosa after he questioned chairman Weiner about his actions in acting without the consent of the board and demanding changes to the business plan submitted by an applicant for a zoning change from Lee County Zoning dept. Member LaRosa complained that the LACPP and its archectecual review board sub-committee by reminding the LACPP that they are not legal or official county agency and do not represent the 80,000 plus residents of Lehigh.The builders are requested to have their own meeting or present their plan to a group in Lehigh and take questions ,answer the questions to best of their knowledge and submit a report to the zoning dept with their application. Mr. LaRosa asked why the LACPP had the contractor come to two meetings and was discussing having a third meeting when the law (32-12-2)only requires one meeting , he also wanted to know why the LACPP was charging a fee of


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