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Aug 18 fire dept meeting results in a reported $2.4 million shortage in the next budget and it will have to be taken out of reserves leaving only $4 million left which will not cover next years budget when the AUG. 13 SHORTFALL HITS AND THE SAFER GRANT RUNS OUT AND ACCORDING TO THE CHIEF , 46 FIRE FIGHTERS WILL HAVE TO BE LET GO AND THE TOTAL FF FORCE WILL BE 65 FIRE FIGHTERS LEFT AND WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTING THE FORCE WITH VOLUNTEERS . LEHIGH WILL BE AT RISK. Did you know that only 11 original ff's were rehired out of the 30 plus safer grant ff's. They are transferring from other stations in order to get the $100,000 pay checks. Time for #1826 union control to be eliminated in the next election before we lose our FD to state control.


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