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pot calls kettle black --yikes!!!!!!

Save | Comments (2) | Post a comment | Edd Weiner, chairman of the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Council, says he plans to ask for the resignations of board members Frank LaRosa and Paul Lambertucci at the next meeting on October 1.... « Back to Article sort: oldest | newestComments(2)ROARINGLION Sep-20-11 4:16 PM Agree | Disagree Did you know that the vets park renovations is to be done by jones landscaping who will appear before the lacpp and the vice president of jones landscaping is greg disiario who is the chairman of the lacpp/arb who will listen to the jones presentation --TALK ABOUT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST ,AND ITS RIGHT IN WEINERS OWN CLUB ---HEY MR STATES ATTORNEY ,ARE YA LISTENING???? 0 Agrees | 0 Disagrees | Report Abuse » ROARINGLION Sep-20-11 4:12 PM Agree | Disagree HOW CAN IT BE A CONFLICT IF THE APPLICANT GOES BEFORE ANOTHER GROUP, IT THEN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WEINIES GROUP.EDDY WEINIE IS THE REPRESENTITIVE AGENT FOR FIVE DIFFERENT ORG


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