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Robert J. Anderson are you Phony

Robert, also known as Watchdog or the President of a dissolved company, are you phony? You say you are for the fire department but wait. . . you try to get firemen fired for innocent acts. From day 1 to try to get Mr. Comer fired as their media guy, and you say you are for the firemen in lehigh. why would a man wish anyone lose their job so they are unable to provide for their family. Maybe a phony? How can this be? Only a phony would ride the horse forward and backwards. You get elected to LACPC because you cry during your speech about how you love lehigh, yet you resign 2 months later. Is this not phony? You tell everyone that you are president of a company that has been dissolved by the state of florida months ago. Is this not phony? Before you look at others, I think it is time you look at ones self. Dont you? Then you decided if you are phony!


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