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Congressional candidate Radel reacts to email about his owning sexy web domains

By Staff | Jun 15, 2012

NAPLES – Two months after congressional candidate Trey Radel agreed to give up nearly two dozen Internet domain names involving political opponents, he now faces accusations that his former business owned rights to several sexy website names.

Radel, a former TV and radio personality running for Rep. Connie Mack’s Southwest Florida seat, downplayed the allegations, saying Trey Enterprises LLC sold thousands of domain names weekly years ago and the sites, which have sexy Latino names, were never operational.

“Because we purchased and sold literally thousands of domain names, I was not aware of every single specific one,” Radel said Thursday in a statement. “It is true that some of the people I worked with purchased a few domains that I was unaware of, and did not in any way approve of. When I found out about it, I took immediate steps to make sure our company never placed any content on these domains.

“There were never any websites,” Radel said. “In fact, we never did anything with them except get rid of them.”

State records show Trey Enterprises LLC was formed by Henry J. “Trey” Radel III of Naples in March 2005. He dissolved the corporation in December 2010.

Documents filed with the state list no company officers except Radel.

Domain names included onlinesexguide.com; casadelasputas.com, or whorehouse in English; mamadita.com, which means hot babes or a tequila drink and cojible.com, a woman who is ugly but good enough to sleep with.

An Internet archive site shows none operated. A whois.com domain history shows all were purchased in 2005. They began expiring in 2009; the last three expired last year.

The list of domain names has circulated for at least a week. The Daily News received it from a Republican challenger’s campaign manager, Josh Cooper. He said Thursday that state Rep. Gary Aubuchon had received it anonymously.

“Gary is aware and very troubled by these reports,” Cooper said. “Profiting from the degradation of women and minority communities is a very serious allegation…”

“It’s not the type of behavior you want to see in Congress. Usually, the sex scandals are after they take office,” said state Rep. Paige Kreegel, R-Punta Gorda, a GOP challenger.

Cooper said Aubuchon only owns sites related to his campaign.

Rep. Paige Kreegel, R-Punta Gorda, a GOP challenger, called the news “shocking.”

“It’s very, very disappointing,” Kreegel said. “It’s not the type of behavior you want to see in Congress. Usually, the sex scandals are after they take office.”

Kreegel finally got back the domain names Radel set up, which forced him to use Kreegel4Congress.com not “for.”

“We ended up having to get other names instead of the obvious,” he said, adding that he only has campaign domain names.

GOP candidate Chauncey Goss of Sanibel called Radel’s explanation a spin.

“It reflects a pattern and it makes me question his judgment and character as we go forward in the campaign,” Goss said.

He said he’s still trying to secure ChaunceyGoss.com, the web domain name Friends of Trey Radel purchased, so he’s using ChaunceyGossforCongress.com.

Goss referred to an investigative report in April by the Sunshine State News, which accused Radel of cybersquatting after Friends of Trey Radel bought 23 domain names of five Republican rivals. After threats to report it to the Federal Elections Commission, Radel agreed to give them to his rivals.

GOP candidate Byron Donalds called the latest news sad.

“I don’t even like negative politics,” Donalds said. “The voters are going to have to decide whether they want to vote for him.”

He said he owns about five domain names for his campaign.

Democratic contender Jim Roach owns about 10 domain names, all “benign” and business-related in addition to electroach.com. He questioned Radel’s handling of the latest news by Radel blaming it on employees.

“I don’t think that’s a good answer,” Roach said. “It was his company … Those things tend to haunt you if you don’t admit it.”