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Triple threat: Writer, performer, artist all wrapped up in Bobbee Cera

By Staff | Jul 18, 2013

MEL TOADVINE Bobbee Cera’s Wags, Woofs and Miracles is ready for publication.

Bobbee Cera may be new to Lehigh as she has lived here for a mere three years. But she is becoming well-known in the community because she is an entertainer, a pianist, an artist and an author.

An exhibit of her works, in pastels and mixed media, is on display at the East County Regional Library in Lehigh on Gunnery Rd. for the remainder of July.

She is a member of the Arts of the Inland and may be the first artist to have an exhibit on display for library patrons from that group.

“I had left a note at the library with a photo of a cocker spaniel that I had done and asked if they were interested in letting me put up a display of my work at the library,” Cera said.

“Almost immediately, the next day I got a call and they welcomed me to do an exhibit in the library,” she said with excitement.

MEL TOADVINE Bobbee Cera stands alongside of an exhibit of her works at the East County Regional Library in Lehigh Acres.

Cera is 76 years old, but by today’s standards, seems more like a woman in her 40s, always doing something, keeping herself busy. And in addition to that, she is a health care provider at home.

And if it is not art, it is music. Not only does she perform by playing the piano at events, she teaches piano to students. In fact, she even offers three free “printed lessons” to see if a would-be pianist is interested in continue to learn.

She said that for more than 50 years, she has entertained the public at countless notable lounges, restaurants and hotels from the new Jersey Shore all the way to Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

In addition, she is an acclaimed portrait artist, whose commissioned works of pets and family members are cherished by clients around the country. Just to look at a pastel portrait of a cat or a dog almost makes you believe the animal is real. Her talent has been called amazing.

She said she decided to turn her love and experience for music and art into teaching and now lectures and instructs music to many students, some of which go on to become professionals themselves.

MEL TOADVINE Cocker Spaniel piece of artwork.

You can contact her through email at: Rcera1141@comcast.net to talk about commissioning her for a session of painting or for booking her for an event where she can hit the ivories like you have never heard before.

“People who are interested can also call me at 239-878-5653. They should leave a voice message and I will get back in touch with them,” she said.

Cera has always been interested in the arts, starting her education at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y.

She is also an author and is planning a “Meet the Author” day at the Lehigh library on Oct. 11. Many of her books will be available. The time will be listed later.

“In writing, I relate many experiences through poetry and prose.

MEL TOADVINE A dog created in pastels.

“Wishbones and Miracles” is her first book and is a personal reflection on Cera’s life and career; a juxtaposition through her very own verse and art, highlighting the hilarious (and sometimes sad) events that helped to provide a better understanding of her inner self.

Her second book, Wags, Woofs and Other Tails is ready for publication.

“This is a lighthearted story about my love affair with my pets and is a combination of both prose and limerick, narrated vicariously through her rescued Flame Point Siamese cat named Smooch.

“This is really a fun read and should captivate the hearts and imaginations of animal lovers everywhere,” she said. In October, she will autograph her books and be glad to talk to others who are interested in the same things that she is music, writing, and art.

Her next book, currently in progress is The Piano Bar, Laugh and Learn and she says it is an entertaining tool for those that thought they could never learn to play a musical instrument, or were hesitant to try.

MEL TOADVINE CD cover shows Bobbee Cera at the piano with a friend playing saxophone. She also teaches piano lessons.

Her already published books can also be found as e-books on Amazon.com and at Barns & Noble.

Cera is delightful to talk to as she says there are more than 5,000 tunes going on in her brain.

“It never stops playing,” she said.

She loves animals and feral cats are of great interest to her. She hates to see so many of them in the wild when they make such wonderful, loving pets, she said.

One of her next goals is to write a book about feral cats letting people know they don’t always know the value of a loving cat.

“These cats can come to adore you and when you lose one like I have, it breaks your heart,” she said.