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Council’s Corner: Firm selected to conduct feasibility study has prior experience

By Staff | Aug 23, 2017

Joe Mazurkiewicz Jr.

Incorporate Lehigh Inc. thought it appropriate for the residents of Lehigh Acres to get know Joe Mazurkiewicz Jr., the person selected to perform the feasibility study to determine whether or not Lehigh should become a city.

The Lehigh Acres Community Council was impressed with his years of credentials in this type of work, especially his ability to turn incorporating a community from a dream to a reality for the good of the community.

He was instrumental in the incorporation of cities around Lehigh, such as Fort Myers Beach, Golden Gate and Bonita Springs.

Mazurkiewicz, through hours of study and research, will present the residents of Lehigh Acres the cost breakdowns to provide a level of municipal services by maintaining the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, FGUA, LA-MSID and the Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District.

The financial projections are based on information provided by Lee County government agencies and compared to projections provided by the state of Florida.

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with incorporation are also analyzed to provide a concise and thorough analysis of factors that Lehigh Acres residents need to consider when formulating a decision on whether to pursue incorporation of our community.

The council has determined that, in its opinion, Lehigh meets the standards to become a city and has formed Incorporate Lehigh Inc. The corporation will do research, study, educate and talk to the residents and give Mazurkiewicz the criteria wanted and needed to meet the goals of the community.

All residents and property owners are welcome to join Incorporate Lehigh Inc. by contacting Joan Cunningham, president, at 239-938-4900. There are many opportunities to serve on committees and be directly involved in the decision-making process.

Whether you are for incorporation or against incorporation, please voice your opinion where it counts – with the people in the community working to determine the future.

The Lehigh Acres Community Council serves as the voice for unincorporated Lehigh Acres.

Meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the meeting room at the LCSO East District substation, at 1301 Homestead Road N.

To contact the council, email Info@LehighAcresCommunityCouncil.com.