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LA-MSID audit shows good financial standings

By Staff | Mar 7, 2018

The Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District received its 2016/2017 Audit and Financial Statements results Tuesday.

The district passed with flying colors with no written findings during the budget audit. The audit went on to show that LA-MSID was in good financial standing and had no findings under compliance.

District Chair David Deetscreek thanked everyone involved for their role in making the audit process run smoothly.

The board’s motion to accept the audit was unanimously approved.

Also in attendance was the district’s new legal counsel of Persson and Cohen, PA. who will replace their previous law firm of Caldwell, Pacetti, Edwards, Schoech & Viator LLP.

After the motion to accept the new counsel was approved, Commissioner Mike Welch took time to welcome the firm aboard.

Board members also discussed discrepancies found within the invoices from their previous law firm, which needed to be adjusted after issues were found on billing hours.

“Commissioner Welch went through and made some edits to these bills. An adjustment of $2,599 was made in our favor, which they eventually agreed upon,” said District Manager David Lindsay.

The board motioned to accept the adjusted invoice for payment.

“I think we made the right decision to look for new counsel. I recommend we approve the payment negotiated out between myself and Caldwell and Pacetti,” said Welch.

Other items on the agenda included a motion to approve a Gopher Tortoise Study Survey necessary prior to the district’s project on the widening of the Henry Extension Canal and the purchase of a permanently mounted generator for LA-MSID headquarters prior to hurricane season. Both items approved unanimously.

Welch pointed out to the importance of getting a clear timeline on the generators delivery.

“We are getting close to hurricane season, so it’s important to get more defined terms,” explained Welch.

Commissioner Deetscreek brought up an agenda item under new business.

“I would like to hold Lehigh Civic Day this year. We did it a few years back and it was awesome to learn things I never knew about Lehigh and the local businesses. It would be a great time to create awareness on the hard work and dedication of the local businesses, groups and agencies,” said Deetscreek.

The event would be held at LA-MSID and provide a forum for organizations and businesses to speak about who they are and what they do.

“It’s a good idea and you should definitely spearhead it. Since it’s going to be held during the months of May or June, it can also play into our hurricane season coordination efforts. All five of us need to be more involved on a community level, which fits into our goal of becoming a platform for the community,” explained Welch.

The meeting wrapped up with an update on the ATV Compliance Initiative, which was a great success and a telling sign of the serious problem illegal ATV riding poses on the community.

“This was an eye opening thing for me. To see the damage being done to our lands and the danger these riders are putting themselves into. We saw babies and kids in these mud pits and on ATV’s,” said Welch.

LA-MSID also held a hurricane preparedness meeting on March 1, which brought local and county agencies together to formulate proactive solutions to emergency planning for the Lehigh Acres community.

The Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District will hold its next meeting on March 19 at 6:00 p.m. at the LA-MSID, at 601 East County Lane. For information, visit the their website at www.myecwcd.net