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What would Reagan do?

By Staff | Jan 9, 2019

To the editor:

The Wall is doing a job of dividing the country. What would Ronald Reagan think about the U.S. wanting to build a concrete wall when he went to Germany and told them to “Tear down this wall”? They did and have a united country today.

Did the Berlin wall work? Does the Korean wall work? Is the Israeli Wall working? A photograph on the cover of USA Today answers that question. A woman is sitting high on a wall lowering a child down to a man. How desperate can people be to risk their lives that way?

Thousands of people have died to get over, under or through walls. No one wants open boarders. Boarder security is important and can be achieved with new monitoring methods of drones, night vision glasses, helicopters and maned patrols.

But the exodus won’t stop until the problems causing it are addressed.

We are in part responsible by our appetite for illegal drugs. With no customers, the drug cartels would die by themselves. It’s become a critical issue in the US.

Second: the poverty and drug criminal lords terrorizing people causes the crisis. How to restore law and order in the South American countries is the major issue. Diplomacy is a key component to solving their crisis causing ours.

As for the children death issues: As a Registered Nurse, I know that just putting kids together generates disease and the facilities were designed for adult males, not children and families. The children also were likely not vaccinated against diseases. The government’s new strict policies generated this health crisis which could even get worse.

Alice Mack, RN.

Fort Myers