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What would Martin Luther King Jr. say today?

By Staff | Jan 30, 2019

To the editor:

Well, we made it through another celebration. That is what I heard people say after the Martin Luther King Day celebration ended.

Celebration of Martin Luther King Day this year is over. What is next?

People are saying things like “Things are not better, in fact they are worse.” What would Martin Luther King say about the state of affairs today? Perhaps he would be unhappy that we are celebrating his birthday under the present conditions – especially when the living are not doing the necessary work. Work, like life, is for the living, not for the dead. The dead are burying the dead. The living should be working.

We need more than a dream, we need action. We need leadership.

What now do we celebrate? Stagnation and repression, not progress.

Is it a celebration or a mental health day?

Perhaps we should change the celebration.

It could be preceded by a period of direct action,with expectations that end in empowerment and progress in the name of humanity. Select committees of working representatives who will work with our leaders and elected official to achieve progress.Then end this period with a real celebration of progress.

We can then set goals for future work.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers