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American Legion Post 323: “Pizzas, Punch, & Packs, Oh my!”

By Staff | Aug 14, 2019

Saturday, Aug. 10, saw a large group of children of all school ages descending on our American Legion Post 323 in Lehigh Acres with lots of excitement and some of the biggest smiles you would ever see.

One of the most important Chairmanships of the Legion’s Auxiliary is Education, and for the sixth year in a row, our current President headed the event. The Auxiliary had several fundraisers; the biggest of them during the Fourth of July events held at the Legion, where a raffle, bake sale & 50/50 were just a few of the many activities going on that day. We were also fortunate to have a very substantial donation from an anonymous donor, and we would like to thank that person so much for the contribution!

Our day started with pizzas & punch along with various kinds of chips and, of course, much talk and laughter. The backpacks had been arranged for the individual child when he or she was signed up so the themes were age appropriate. After all, a sixth grader wouldn’t want a Dora the Explorer plastered all over or an eighth grader sporting dinosaurs.

After the backpacks were distributed, many of the parents were snapping pictures of their children holding them. Watching these kids parading around with their new backpacks and listening to the chatter of what they’re looking forward to in the coming school year was so much fun and it would have been great if more people had shared in the joy of the day.

Each of the six years our President has been organizing this project, the number of children we help has grown and she is looking forward to doing even more activities to help further education for today’s youth. We will be happy to keep everyone apprised of upcoming events and, as always, welcome any new members.

And for all the guests we had at the event as well as all school-age persons, we wish you a successful and happy school year!