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Channeling children in need into the military is not the answer

By Staff | Aug 28, 2019

To the editor:

Although we hear a little about this problem, it is a national security issue. We have an all-voluntary military consisting primarily of poor, minorities and emigrants.

We prey upon these groups from birth to their grave.

Presently we celebrate the opening of Lehigh Senior high school which has more than 1,300 cadets for the Junior ROTC program. None will ever become officers, but their lives will forever be affected by their military service.

Our troops on active duty are confronted by the same problems that we have in our everyday lives of racism and white supremacy. They suffer just as we do when there is a domestic terrorist attack, ICE raids or maltreatment of immigrants at the border.

Many will end up back in civilian life unprepared and assuming the role that you commonly see on the streets of most cities – the delivery truck driver, the pizza maker or pizza delivery, suffering the problems of unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction and mental health problems.

Lehigh Acres is located east of Fort Myers and is a community primarily of middle class and poor residents. I would suggest that you can look up the Lehigh Senior High School and the JROTC and look at the classification yourself.

These groups sacrifice a significant amount of their resources and wealth to this country in the form of their children and are told “go back to where you came from.”

They live daily with the effects of racism, discrimination and, most recently, the effect of white supremacy attacks.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers