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Continue the fracking ban fight

By Staff | Nov 13, 2019

To the editor:

Here in Florida, our water is our most precious resource, and it’s threatened every day by dirty fuel extraction. Every reason to fight offshore drilling that endangers our coasts is also a reason to ban fracking — and the latter is something we can do right here in Florida, without having to wait on a federal bureaucracy or for the president to gain some common sense about the harms offshore drilling poses. We’ve already seen too many problems with our water in Southwest Florida; we need to stop the pollution and not create more.

When we allow frackers to blast water and toxic chemicals into our bedrock, we put our aquifers, lakes and rivers, and coastline at risk. The microfissures fracking creates give toxic materials a path to get into our drinking water supply, effectively poisoning us. Every day that fracking is permitted in Florida is a day that we are at risk.

However, a fracking ban does have bipartisan support in our state legislature, and a few days ago the Senate Environmental and Natural Resources Committee unanimously moved forward fracking ban legislation. We can and must make such ban a reality in the coming session. This is the will of the people,and our legislators need to know that in no uncertain terms. Call them. Write them. Let them know.

Joseph Bonasia

Cape Coral