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Democratic Party has become the party of the rich

By Staff | Jan 8, 2020

To the editor:

Letters from the left as usual blame every ill of this country on the Republicans but note they never give examples. Here are a few.

California, which is governed overwhelmingly by Democrats, has the highest poverty rate, the most homeless, and the worst financial condition of any state. Some California cities are bankrupt. Illinois is considering to be the first state filing for bankruptcy.

California has the greatest distance between the haves and the have nots. Hollywood adored Obama. In fact, under Obama, the country experienced a record boost for the rich while the middle class and poor lost ground. Many of the billionaires supported Obama including Buffet and Gates, two of the richest men in America. He had the biggest support from Wall Street. It may well be that the Democratic Party is now the home of the rich and the Republicans are the home of those who like to work and appreciate having a job.

The cities with the worst jobless rate, education and crime are governed by Democrats. Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit are setting murder records. Minorities who voted overwhelmingly for Democrats are kept poor and uneducated under their Democratic politicians.

Democrats just can’t solve problems. For example under Obama the Veterans Administration was identified as having two books, one for what was really happening and one for manager’s bonuses. Obama stepped in and threw more money at it but the fraudulent managers still received their bonuses and few problems were solved.

Ironic that we have this big stink about Russia’s influence on our election and Obama was the one in charge when it all happened. I don’t recall fake news mentioning that.

The Democratic Party is not the party of the little people but the party that makes people little.

John Benedict

Cape Coral