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Trump has made America better

By Staff | Jan 8, 2020

To the editor:

There once was a time when people could disagree and still be friends. Politicians would argue their points passionately and then share a meal together. There was respect for one another and mutual admiration. This was America in all its glory. Sadly, those days are gone and have been replaced with lying, cheating, insolence, and absolute shameful behavior.

The impeachment hearings served to illustrate the level of contempt among the Democratic elected officials and the manipulations they are willing to employ. It’s “everything goes”… crush anyone, insult and destroy people… yes, anything; if it will win a vote, do it! Sadly, the Dems have come to realize that President Trump cannot be beaten at the polls and therefore have turned to chicanery for salvation.

The facts are that this President has produced magnificently on every promise he has made and he is truly standing on the side of freedom, democracy, righteousness and God.

The main-stream media, fueling the Dems’ deeds, cannot change the fact that President Trump has, in three short years, made America better. Voters know that this President loves America and will award him with four more years in the White House.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral