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A modern president?

By Staff | Feb 12, 2020

To the editor:

When I think of the word, “modern” I think of “improvement” over what has previously existed, and Donald Trump is clearly not an improvement.

A president is supposed to be a leader, and exhibit those endearing qualities associated with a sophisticated leader; qualities which elude Trump. Some qualities that come to mind are insightfulness, humility, compassion and thoughtfulness. We can agree or disagree with his policies, but we all agree that Trump’s persona is a complete aberration of what a normal person exhibits, especially for a world leader.

We have all witnessed Trump’s Twitter trashing of anyone who disagrees with him, his thin-skinned insecurity and his all encompassing hubris. Trump’s thinking is spastic — perfect for tweeting. Trump is an expert generator of random thoughts; recall him wanting to purchase Greenland — a random thought from his vacuum!

It is factual that the stock market is breaking records, yet, there is more to being a president than taking all the credit for these accomplishments. If Trump takes the credit for the rising stock market in 2019, then he also owns the negative DJIA of -6% in 2018. Jack Ablin, the chief investment officer at the investment advisory firm Cresset Wealth, said. “The president doesn’t control the stock market, so he probably shouldn’t be taking credit or blame.” We don’t have to worry about him taking blame!

As a conservative, Trump wants only to “conserve” wealth for himself, his family and his cronies such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity — aging white men who are threatened by progressive ideology and vehemently lash out just like Trump. You’ll never hear them say that American workers in the bottom 60% of earners have had no income growth after inflation adjustment since 1980. Meanwhile the incomes of the top 10% have doubled and the top 1% have tripled. Unemployment is low, but, many of the jobs do not have the benefits of a good job such as health insurance and a 401K savings plan. The tax breaks to the corporations and wealthy individuals do not “Trickle Down” as intended, they only further increase inequality.

On top of it all, Trump is a pseudo Christian who may sincerely believe he is a Christian and even has a level of “righteousness” in his actions but is really motivated by his own selfish interpretation of the unselfish Christian scriptures. To boost his Evangelical minions’ perception of him as a good Christian, Trump has hired the televangelist Paula White as his spiritual advisor. I classify White as a prosperity gospel scammer who preys on peoples’ insecurity about their eternal salvation so she charges them money to pave their path to heaven. Just like Trump, if you can’t buy it then it is worthless. Paula has her work cut out. She has to make Trump seem like a sincere Christian. Paula, here is a self-centered man devoid of any moral fiber, compassion, humility or thoughtfulness. Can you repair him for 2020?

One thing is certain. If any of his Trump’s Christian minions get to heaven, they won’t see him there!

Paul Kiefner

Cape Coral