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Trump understands America

By Staff | Jun 24, 2020

To the editor:

The Democrats’ opinion of President Trump was openly demonstrated when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her pretty white suit, rose from her chair after Trump’s State of the Union Address and slowly ripped apart her copy of his speech.

Furthermore, the reasons offered for their opposition to him are lies.They accuse him of being stupid, self-absorbed, even a racist, and if anything bad happens, it’s automatically his fault.

But among the real reasons they hate him were the booming economy (before the virus) which greatly benefited minorities, the low unemployment numbers,the rebuilding of the military, and now the fact that one million people ordered tickets to his next rally in Oklahoma.

Trump knows and understands all of this — that he’s an outsider and that the goal of his opponents is socialism.

So, if you love this country as founded, support Trump!

Jan Ganter

Fort Myers