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By Staff | Jul 29, 2020

To the editor:

It was a dark and slightly overcast night on the Channel, slightly chilly for June. Ike couldn’t sleep so was already on the bridge of the USS Commander, a heavy cruiser chosen to be a smaller target than the battle ships trailing behind. Slightly before 0400 Ike was gazing ashore with high powered binoculars and saw nothing, no activity. He once again told the ship’s captain to be ready to fire when he gave the signal. Just then Ike felt a slight tug on his sleeve. He turned around and saw that a diminutive figure had sidled up to him.

“Who the hell are you, get out, I’m busy,” ordered Ike as he raised his right arm to give the command to start the invasion of Normandy.

“Please General, my name is Dr. Fauci from the government Medical Corps. Can you just listen for a moment before you start something you cannot reverse.”

“Get this guy out of here,” yelled Ike.

Before the sailor standing nearest to the pair could grab Dr. Fauci, the Dr. started yelling. “Ike, if you give this order there will be a lot of our soldiers wounded and killed if you go ahead with this risky operation. Do you want this on your conscience?”

Ike’s mouth dropped open as he looked incredulously at the now diminutive Dr. about to be dragged off by a burly sailor.

“Wait, Ike! You may not have enough bandages and triage tents” screamed the doctor.

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” muttered Ike. “We have 150,000 troops, 7000 ships and 3000 aircraft just waiting for my signal to go.”

“What’s the signal?” yelled Dr. Fauci as he was being dragged off the bridge.

“I just have to drop my arm like this,” said Ike crossly. Ike dropped his arm to show the rest of the staff on the bridge what he meant to show to the now departed doctor.

Outside there was a terrible crash as every warship in the armada opened up on the cliffs above Normandy as well as planes dropping bombs and strafing Nazi defensive installations.

“See, I told you it would work,” said Ike but no one could hear him over the din of so many naval guns hurling explosives ashore.

Down below in the USS Commander, Dr. Fauci was seen developing his next warning campaign. “I think I’ll stick to bugs,” he grumbled.

Neil Miller

North Fort Myers