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Long-time Lehigh resident celebrates 105th birthday

By Staff | Aug 13, 2020

On Aug. 5, Lehigh Acres Place staff helped long-time Lehigh resident Veronica Theney celebrate turning 105 years old. PHOTO PROVIDED



Lehigh resident Veronica Theney celebrated her 105th birthday on Aug. 5 at Lehigh Acres Place — the second resident in the assisted living community to celebrate her 105th birthday this year.

Gwen Hutchinson celebrated the same milestone in June.

Theney was asked her secret to longevity and happiness.

“Live a quiet life. Believe and trust in God, and take advantage of each and every day,” Theney replied.

Theney is the oldest of eight siblings. She has one younger sister who just turned 102 years old and says that longevity runs in her family. Growing up in difficult times, she places high value on her close relationship with her family.

“Growing up during the Great Depression, our family had to really stick together. We were very close knit and helped each other out,” Theney explained.

She is originally from Northern Illinois but moved to Lehigh Acres 45 years ago.

“When I first moved to Lehigh it was cow country and had just began to attract retirees from up north. It’s definitely changed and grown tremendously throughout the years,” Theney said.

Most of her life was spent traveling, working in accounting with the Core of Engineers for the Federal Government. Her career took her to a vast amount of cities and countries around the world.

“I loved to travel and working for the government, we were moved around quite a bit to construct Naval Bases in Europe and Asia. One of our projects was to restore the Okinawa Naval Base in Okinawa Japan following its destruction in 1945,” Theney said.

According to Theney, due to her nomadic life style, her co-workers and their families become like her own over time.

“I was very close with my co-workers and we got to know each other very well. Most of my friends have all moved on, but I still have a few friends that come by to visit from time to time,” Theney said.

According to Lehigh Acres Place Nurse Tonya Stubbs, Theney and her fellow residents were enjoying the days celebration.

“She is enjoying herself today and is just so full of life all the time. She loves people and God,” Stubbs said.

Lehigh Acres Place is at 1251 Business Way, Lehigh Acres, FL. For more information visit https://www.enlivant.com/communities/florida/lehigh-acres-place