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American Legion Unit 323: The ‘Way We Were’

By Submitted by Pat Whitehall - | Sep 9, 2020

As we all are aware, the coronavirus has shown us that the modern world is actually stoppable. It became a severe test of our society, economy, all businesses and every person on earth. The actual test is still going on and will continue to the future. We need to understand we will never return to the way we were before December of 2019.

Once the pandemic is finally controlled, we may be able to view it as an improvement of our lives in many different ways. The death toll is staggering, but the legacy of the virus actually will have several silver linings which will help offset the downsides. The pandemic became a pressure test, revealing or bringing forth the pitfalls of our society. We are in the throes of inequality, poor governing, fragile businesses and sadly, poor relationships and the aftermath has caught many by surprise.

While the Treasury Department of the U.S. summoned trillions of dollars to pump into the economy to keep it afloat, the rest of the world has been counting on our country to bounce back. Our domestic consumption makes the world go around and our travels are also great contributors towards global economy.

Digital technology can help a business become more resilient and every company must realize that to ensure a customer’s journey, said business must become 100 percent digital. The pandemic ushered in many changes which would have come about anyway, as automation projects are being accelerated because robots don’t get sick. Working from home has become a new normal for many people thanks to reduced traffic, lower greenhouse gas emissions and less time and stress expended on the daily commute.

How is the American Legion Auxiliary planning on making adjustments to the new future? We have already set up informative websites, pushed up the public relations program, extended our works further into the community, began branching out even farther into the schools and putting forth more efforts to reach our veterans via any digital means we are able. We have also opened ourselves to a new appreciation of the outdoors which has enabled us to strengthen communications while reaffirming our basic humanity by being more visible and finding more time for relationships.

If we remind ourselves daily that this too shall pass, we will no longer wish for things to return to the “way we were” and embrace the new Modern World we will be inhabiting.